March 2017

Radar checks in Luxembourg

In the hope of reducing accidents caused by excessive speed, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg police are carrying out various radar checks throughout the territory.

Every day, the police publishes a list of some of the areas in which the checks will be carried out. This measure plays a preventive role, however the police will also carry out other checks in addition to those indicated in the list below.

Update 3/27/2017
Time of day City Space
Morning Contern rue de Luxembourg
Afternoon Dondelange route de Luxembourg
Afternoon Féitsch-Allerborn N 20
Afternoon Hellange Rond-Point Hellange
Morning Hesperange route de Thionville
Afternoon Prettingen rue de Hünsdorf
Source : Police Grand-Ducale

Parking guidance

Update 3/27/2017
District Capacity Occupancy Free Trend
Centre 2787
Gare 1320
Kirchberg 889
Park and Ride 3170
Source : City of Luxembourg - Licence CreativeCommons


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